[Dumps a bunch of violets on your head.]

Oh my.


Do you ever feel good about how you look and then


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*grumbles and kinda stares at the ceiling* ‘M sorry ya had to go through all that shit an’ ‘m sorry I couldn’t stop it. An’ yah been spittin’ out sorry’s yerself since ya got ‘ere. So it’s like. There’s nothin’ to forgive but if ya want it ya got it.

[shrugs]  Nothing for you to be sorry for. I made you leave, remember? Wasn’t gonna have Charlie and everyone else lose you twice. We all need you.

Some sycamore flowers.

Sycamore: Curiosity


"Don't go in there. I just farted."


Do I have to call the fumigators?

"It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea."


some spahs 

his nose just kept getting bigger each time i drew him

Has a ring to it


She steps in, setting the cooler down just inside and wraps her arms around him and pressed her face to his neck with a happy hum. “Hey you, I’ve missed you. It’s so good to see you on your feet!” She said warmly, not exactly letting go of the hug yet. Yes. Hug time.

"I’ve missed you too." It’s nice, this hug. It’s the first hug he’s had in a while— his back had hurt far too much for any contact like this. While it’s still tender and delicate, Toni is careful. And he doesn’t mind it at all.

"Heh, I haven’t been up and moving around for very long. Feet’re still healing." His entire body is still healing, really. "But it’s nice to move around again. Basically been off my feet for over a month now." Wow, it’s seriously been a little over a month since this whole adventure began.

"Hey, y’wanna sit down? There’s a cooouch." He nods his head over to the sofa, his ‘bed’ of sorts. It’s comfortable; he’s got no qualms about the couch or anything in the clinic. He likes it. It’s a nice clinic.

He avoids the cooler. For now, anyway. It’s like an elephant in the room, though. Just sitting there. But he’s missed Toni. So it’s Toni time.

"How’re you? You said you’re all moved in?"


You are broken
I don’t want to fix you
I want to run my finger along the shattered pieces
I may bleed a little
And it will hurt
But you’re worth it


White Tulip: Forgiveness
Purple Hyacinth: Apologies
Geranium: True friendship

…why the first two?