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[She frowns at him again. She does not like that idea.]

…M’not gonna use you as bait.

[She’d considered using him as a scapegoat EARLIER. Before William had taken Hanna. But now…]

I ain’t gonna lose him an’ you.

Hey, you’re not gonna lose anyone. Not while I’m here.

Heh. Besides, there aren’t a whole lotta other options. I mean, this one’s probably the fastest.

[And if he’s been gone for days, they might not have a whole hell of a lot of time left on their hands.]

Please, my friend. If are going, do not go without me. Vant to help. Need to. Am ready. Vhenever are going, am ready. Have supplies. Please. Just vant to get my... OUR... leetle vun back. *It's true- he's locked, stocked, and ready. His big gun, loaded with special ammo. A satchel with first aid supplies, Holy water, sage. One of the magic candles in a lantern. Even little Amour, looking as determined as a rat can look.*

Whoa there, cowboy! If I can help it, we may not have to go anywhere. I kinda want to see if we can get him to come to us.



            "There’s beer in the fridge if you want one, or wine on the counter. Help yourself.

"Why bother with those when there’s a tall glass of water right in front of me~?"


[Her growl tapers off when he takes her by the shoulders, her eyes catching his and noticing for a moment that this still is the older version of what is essentially her son at this point.

And it makes her pause. Deflates a bit and sigh.]

Yeah. Okay. 


It’s.. been a long few days with no answers.

But.. What do we do now??? I got no ideas. 

[He returns the sigh with one of his own and runs a hand through his hair— just long enough now that he can legitimately run his fingers through it.

Sighs and looks up at her with a small smile. A tired, resigned, yet hopeful one.]

Well, looks like we gotta lure the fat man out. And lookee here— you got the perfect bait. E-Eheh…


[…Well that’s news to her. And it makes her even more outraged. If he was ANYWHERE NEAR Hanna… Well. Apparently he had to be. He fucking had to be because how else?]

I’ll kill ‘im.

[She’s being mildly irrational right now. Irrationally angry but she can’t help it she wants Hanna back and now she knows who to blame for William taking him. She knows she knows and she wants BLOOD.

[Hanna tries to gather up his own racing thoughts, his own anger at the situation— why the hell would Conrad help a fucking madman?— but it looks like Charlie is nearly ready to boil over. And he can’t let that happen. So he bottles his own feelings and shoves it down out of sight, out of mind, and takes a breath.]

Charlie, look, I— You’re mad, I know, but— Conrad’s not important now, he— We gotta—

[He needs to get her to stop and listen. He gets to his feet and gently grabs her by the shoulders to get her attention, to draw her out of her building fury.]

Charlie. C’mon, please. You gotta focus. Getting Hanna back is the most important thing right now.

[His eyes reflect a concern that his younger self might express at her distress.]



He’s th’one that pals ‘round with fuckin’ Lucifer.

I knew he was no fuckin’ good I knew there was a reason why I fuckin’ hated ‘im.

[She’s standing up now. Pacing irritably with ears back and entire posture displaying aggression. She’s beyond upset. BEYOND. And she has the urge to fucking destroy the vampire.

Set him on fucking FIRE.]

There ain’t nothin’ wrong ‘bout it. I knew he was fuckin’ trash. 

[Okay, he’ll just stay on the couch and out of her way.]

Charlie, he— Worth drew blood from me and a bunch of our friends. Said he needed it to… keep us safe or something? I— fuck. Did he get you? Or Hanna?


my new life motto tbh


my new life motto tbh


[She lifts an eyebrow, looking around for a second in thought. Ears back while she tries to go over just how many people have been in there. Not a lot. But. Enough. Most people are people she trusts, though. 




I let Conrad in because I was hungry an’ he had food. An’ he said he was hearin’ shit so I went up t’.. look an’.. Left ‘im..

He musta done somethin’.

That fuckin’ fuck musta DONE SOMETHIN’.

[Her aggression is palpable. That’s the only person who COULD’VE done it. The only person she knows who has sympathized with William. The b a s t a r d.

[His stomach drops. He was hoping he was wrong. He still could be, but signs point to a resounding ‘no’.

Hanna puts his hands up slightly, a subtle effort to keep her calm enough to talk with him.]

Listen. Conrad, he… Wait. He’s with that other Worth, right? He… The one that took my…

[The realization that hits him makes such an impact that he has to lean back into the couch.]

No. No no no no. No, this… This has to be wrong.


Basically the refrain of John Constantine’s life.
From Hellblazer #7


Basically the refrain of John Constantine’s life.

From Hellblazer #7