*She kisses his cheek and then runs her fingers over his head as she walks over to the bathroom to grab the ointment.*

Alright, love, shirt off and sit down. * she calls out as she found it and came back out.*

[Eugh, he hates taking his shirt off anymore. The brand on his neck and scarred skin on his back… not to mention the ugly zig-zag on his chest.

He’s slightly less uncomfortable around Toni, though. He’s thankful that she doesn’t judge him. So thankful.

So he obliges, carefully removes his shirt and takes a seat on the couch. The frostbite is red, skin blistered and raw and hot. Contact with the air is a bit painful. But ointment. This will help.]

When did you get burned…?


Thank ya kindly. Jus’ need a half a vial. Not much. 

[He pauses, digging around for another new syringe, an extra bottle of acetaminophen clutched in his hand before slapping it onto the table.]

Ya had a run-in with  th’ idiot? How’s he actin’, anyways? Told ‘im th’ thing was gonna scramble ‘im.

[Hanna offers up his arm, there ya go, take dat blood.

Mentioning the crown-wielding Worth brings about a change in demeanor. A mix of anger and worry.]

He’s gone crazy. He hit me with this… ice. Burns.


* She sucks in a breath and almost roughly shoved the shirt the rest of the way.* Hanna! He did this to you?!

*Eyes scanned over him and she let go of his shirt.* I have some burn ointment… From when I was last badly burned. Sit down I’m going to go grab it

[His silence is his answer.]

…That’d be good. Thanks, Toni.


Crown of…. *She barely sweeps her fingers over the flesh.* Hanna… Hanna you’re hurt. *She mumbled* Let me get a look at this.

[It takes him a few moments and a sigh before he pulls his shirt up. Not completely off, so the fabric covers some of it. It looks like a bad case of frostbite. A burn, really, given how obscenely cold it was.]

Yeah. A li’l. I’ll live.



With this whole crown shit I ain’t gonna be responsible fer lord a’ th’ dicks gettin’ half th’ town possessed. So ‘m takin’ blood samples in comparison t’ mine. Checkin’ chemical ratios an’ such. Playin’ spot th’ difference in case people start actin’ a lil’… odd.

Red light green light ala blood color, basically.

…Yeah, that’s not a bad idea. Okay. I, uh. Go ahead.

Hey. D’you happen to have any painkillers you don’t particularly need? I, uh. Had a run-in with him.

...Hanna? My friend, vhat is going on? Someting bad is happening. So much anger, confusion. Please, telling me.




…It’s too late.

Never too late. Is alvays hope vhile is life.

Please. Telling me vhat is happening. Vill help if can.

Heh. How d’you stay so optimistic.

[He used to be like that. Maybe he still is, somewhere deep down. Dust-covered and shoved away. Something to be uncovered later, if it hasn’t gone to waste.]

Worth’s got a… a crown. He got it from Lucifer. It…

[He hesitates before pulling the collar of his shirt down a bit, revealing some of the damaged skin from the burning frost Worth attacked him with.]

I just… wanted to get the little guy away from it. Just a few days… He—

[No, he won’t bring up the trash. He can’t.]

He’s going crazy.


I what? *she frowns, she doesn’t go over to see worth often but Little Hanna is there. She moves to touch his shoulder*


I want you bleeders.

…that’s a new one.

...Hanna? My friend, vhat is going on? Someting bad is happening. So much anger, confusion. Please, telling me.


…It’s too late.

Johnny Cash - Hurt
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Hurt by Johnny Cash

What have I become?

My sweetest friend.

Every one I know, goes away in the end. 

And you could have it all, my empire of dirt.

I will let you down, I will make you hurt.