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Everyone’s goin’ for th’ Hanna’s today, an’ it’s kinda pissin’ me off.

National holiday?

t r a s h
"You okay, bro?"



What? Yeah, I’m awesome!

How about you, man? Doin’ all right?

Geez, quit giving Worth the cold shoulder and give him a break. He SAVED your dumb ass, it's the least you could fucking do for him. Ungrateful piece of shit.


Replies tomorrow~ <3 ))


*Hanna’s still got those scars and they’re not gonna go away and sometimes words scar worse but Worth’s gonna just. Plug on. Because what else can he say? It’s not fine, but. What else can he say?

He gives another sigh and puts his hands on his hips. Straightens up just a little, if only for appearances*

He’s dead though! Pretty… honestly… actually dead. Pretty sure. Not sure why he stayed dead this time but. Yuh. 

*The steel in his spine doesn’t last for long*

He didn’t, uh. He didn’t… get to ya? ‘Forehand though?

[He nods lightly.]

I heard.

[No, he FELT. If anyone is sure William is gone, it’s Hanna. And he’s not sure how to feel about it, honestly. He’s not upset by any means. He’s… happy? relieved? maybe a bit jealous that he had never been able to do the job? A little bit of everything? That seems more likely. An amalgam of different emotions. But he knows. The flecks of graying hair is proof that he knows. It’s done.

Worth’s question makes the corner of his mouth twitch. Get to him? He bites back burning comments, smart-ass remarks. Maybe it would be healthy to get them out in the open. Then again, Hanna never has been a very healthy individual.

So he takes a deep breath and expels it. Shakes his head.]

Nah. ‘m fine.


Oh my, hello there~

Howzit going?